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Instructions for use of the veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine is the main equipment for the production of wood-based panels.With the development of the wood-based panel industry,the market competitiveness is strong,and the ability to survive and develop is strong.In the management work,any management is very important to improve the overall quality of the enterprise,and equipment management is one of them.

 Before starting work,the operator of the veneer peeling machine should check whether the handle position of the mechanical equipment is correct,whether the limit protection measures are intact,and whether the tightness of the belt chain is reasonable.Before turning on the veneer peeling machine,you must adjust the thickness of the veneer peeling.It cannot be adjusted after it is turned on.It is also very dangerous and cannot be adjusted.After starting the machine idling for 1 to 2 minutes without any abnormalities,it will start to work.When the operator leaves the mechanical equipment because of something,the power must be cut off.Do not let the veneer peeling machine idling without being looked after,to prevent the occurrence of dangerous things that cannot be stopped in time.

 The correct use of the veneer peeling machine is to ensure the safety of the veneer peeling machine.In regular inspections,the performance of the equipment should be kept stable and safe,and the control buttons should be checked whether they are working properly;whether the V-belts or chains of the single and double roller drive motors are worn or slack,and adjusted and replaced in time.When leaving get off work,be sure to cut off the power supply,check whether the mechanical equipment really stops running,and then clean the surroundings of the mechanical equipment after confirming that it is correct.Safely operate every day to live happily every day.

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