JinLun machine factory produces veneer peeling and debarker.

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Jinlun Machinery, Feixian, Shandong, China officially opened

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 The rare opportunity for investment promotion is finally here!China’s Shandong Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory’s global investment promotion has officially started.The opportunity is rare.If you have an idea,come and learn more!

 The veneer peeling machine produced by Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory in Shandong Province is the leader in China’s veneer peeling machine industry.It is a manufacturer of veneer peeling machine that has passed the European Union CE certification.At the same time,the company has also passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.Reliable and trustworthy!

 If you have worked in the machinery industry before and have experience in this area,that’s great;if you don’t have one,don’t worry,we will give you the most comprehensive guidance and let you get the most and most effective experience in the shortest time.!
Jinlun Machinery, Feixian, Shandong, China officially opened
 contact details:

 National toll free hotline:400-839-8077

 Sales Tel:0539-5017337

 Supervisory telephone:17806115800(same as micro)

 Mail:jinlun.NO.1 vip.163.com

 Official website:https://www.rotarycutting.com/

 Address:No.111,Nanwaihuan Road,Feixian County,Shandong Province,China

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