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Jinlun debarker is easy to understand

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 As the technology becomes more and more mature,the design of Jinlun debarker is becoming more and more humane,more convenient to operate,and the requirements for personnel are relatively lower and lower.The new debarking function of the current debarker makes it cleaner and smoother to remove the bark,so that the bark and fur can go to you.
Jinlun debarker is easy to understand
 The biggest feature of debarker now is that it uses a hydraulic feed mechanism,which allows the tool to advance and retract very quickly,and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed,so that it can be well adapted to different wood peeling and rounding.And it does not have high technical requirements for workers.Generally speaking,one debarker can supply two rotary cutting machines to work normally,so that the original two processes of manual peeling and rounding can be omitted,which not only saves time but also saves 5-6 manpower.In this way,the production cost is relatively reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

 Our lives are becoming more and more intelligent,and our production is slowly changing to intelligent.The so-called intelligence is that there are fewer and fewer manual operations.You only need to press a button gently,and the rest of the machine can do it for you.So now debarker is also moving closer to intelligence.

 The current debarker operations are very simple,and the manual requirements are not high.As long as the staff has experience in operation,they can generally be operated after a simple understanding.Advancing and retreating rotary cutting,skinning and rounding,adopting double-patterned roller box to advance and retreat,enhance the stability of the machine tool in work,the single-patterned roller box of the turret will not appear large shaking,thus greatly improving the service life of the machine tool.
 However,general manufacturers will provide certain technical training to operators and ensure that the trained personnel can operate safely and independently.Jinlun debarker is everyone’s best friend.Only with the support and help of friends can we develop better and better.

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