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Jinlun debarker makes customers more worry-free

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 Debarker is one of the most commonly used woodworking machinery at present,and it plays an important role in all kinds of wood processing.With the demand for production efficiency and high performance,debarker allows you to find the work rhythm you want with a professional work standard.

 In this era of high consumption,high economy and high speed,the improvement of production efficiency is part of measuring the competitiveness of products such as debarker.In order to meet more market demands,it is necessary to speed up the production process and support the enterprise with orderly and high efficiency.This requires attention from production equipment such as debarker.

 The performance characteristic of debarker is to increase the diameter of single and double rollers and increase the speed of skinning.The surface of single and double rollers is chrome-plated to improve the wear resistance and life of the rollers.Reasonable design of the roller surface adopts Pythagorean linear grooves,so that the veneer is not easy to wrap around the roller,and the production efficiency is improved.After the mechanics test,the power is reasonably configured,which saves unnecessary power waste for users and saves production costs.All transmission parts are reasonably and accurately coordinated to ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.The biggest feature is that it adopts hydraulic feed mechanism,which can advance and retract quickly,and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed,which is suitable for peeling and rounding of different woods.The hydraulic power station is scientifically and reasonably configured,and adopts manual self-resetting reversing valve,which has rapid response,simple operation and convenient maintenance.
 One peeling machine can supply 2 rotary cutting machines to work normally,which can save the original manual peeling and rounding processes,saving 5-6 manpower,and the reset reversing valve responds quickly to make logs,bent wood and hard debris The wood quickly and efficiently removes bark,rounds and straightens,saving labor,improving production efficiency,reducing costs,simple operation and maintenance,and low requirements for operators,which can save a certain amount of time.Improve work efficiency.Increase production and so on.

 "Service Quality,Service Attitude,Service Speed"is the service tenet of Jinlun Machinery Factory.

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