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Jinlun invites you to lead the machinery manufacturing industry

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 Shandong Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory was established in 1999.It is a large-scale professional peeling machine manufacturer in China.Since its establishment,the company has been based on the tenet of being ethical and doing things according to standards.After more than ten years of scientific research development and innovation,The company focuses on the production of axis veneer peeling machines,axisless CNC veneer peeling machines,debarker,veneer peeling lines and other products.Especially in the field of veneer peeling machines,it has rapidly developed into the vanguard of the industry.The veneer peeling machine manufacturer has passed the EU CE certification,and the company has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.In order to promote the development of the machine manufacturing industry,we are now inviting global investment!
Jinlun invites you to lead the machinery manufacturing industry
 What we can give you:

 1.Brand image support.From the establishment of the factory to the operation for more than 20 years,it has established a complete corporate image in the industry and laid a foundation for a qualified brand.

 2.Brand management support.The mechanical engineer has a professional planning consultant team with many years of practical operation experience,and can provide you with technical,personnel,and manpower management guidance and assistance.The systematic management system,management team,and sound management organization provide you with strong internal support.

 3.Brand product advantage.The mechanical engineer team is constantly innovating the core technology.The machine produced has won national patents for utility models,appearance patents and other awards.The quality of the machine itself is durable and well-known in the industry.Shandong Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory was awarded a well-known brand in China,with brand influence Powerful.

 4.Market support.Mechanical engineers have a strong marketing team to provide you with all-round support.

 What you can get:

 What you need to pay:Capital investment(lower than the average market price)

 What you learned:sales skills,promotion methods,operation modes

 What you can get:high return rate,customer praise rate

 Of course,if you have experience in the machinery manufacturing industry,then the best!If not,it doesn’t matter,we can teach you hand in hand to build a complete system.At the same time,we hope that you can cooperate in good faith and work together for a win-win situation!

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