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Jinlun tells you how to maintain the debarker

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 Debarker is one of the most commonly used woodworking machinery at present,and it plays an important role in all kinds of wood processing.With the demand for production efficiency and high performance,debarker allows you to find the work rhythm you want with a professional work standard.
Jinlun tells you how to maintain the debarker
 Debarker greatly facilitates daily production.Sufficient attention should also be paid to the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment.This is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining the normal operating state of the machine and prolonging its service life.Tools,workpieces,and accessories are placed neatly;safety protection devices are complete;lines and piping are complete.The inside and outside of the equipment are clean;all sliding surfaces,lead screws,gears,racks,etc.,are free of oil and bruises;no oil,air,or electricity leaks at all parts;clean sawdust and garbage.Refuel and change the oil on time,and the oil quality meets the requirements;the oil can,oil gun,oil cup,linoleum,oil line are clean and complete,the oil mark is bright,and the oil path is unobstructed.Implement the system of deciding personnel and machines and shifting shifts;be familiar with the equipment structure and follow the operating procedures,use the equipment rationally,carefully maintain the equipment,and prevent accidents.

 Debarker operators:"Everyone is responsible for safety in production".Safety knowledge has always been a concept that has been deep in our minds.Only by keeping in mind safety knowledge is the best responsibility for us and others.Operators must be assessed and certified before they start to work and pass the post.Those who can only take office after passing the audit are responsible for daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment,and operate in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures.It is strictly forbidden to avoid illegal operations during the work of the debarker,and the operators must operate strictly in accordance with the specifications and do not fatigue There are also work after drinking.When we encounter a machine failure,we must not repair it while the machine is working.We must stop the operation,turn off the equipment and immediately notify the person in charge,and contact the equipment manager for maintenance.Debarker needs us to take care of it so that our production can proceed smoothly.
 We must operate in accordance with the specifications when using debarker.We believe that our regular operation and daily maintenance will bring us huge economic benefits.

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