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Jinlun20th anniversary celebration in Feixian County

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[shock] the 20th anniversary of Jinlun machinery factory in Feixian County witnessed the brilliant moment by hundreds of guests!

20 years of wind and rain, 20 years of continuous leap! After careful preparation, in the industry people look forward to, on January 1, Feixian Jinlun machinery factory held a grand celebration of the 20th anniversary. Li Ming, chairman of the board of directors, and hundreds of elites from the industry attended the grand celebration. Among them, there are many customers who have cooperated with Lida for many years and the partners of machinery factory who have been supporting Lida. They have witnessed this historic brilliant moment together!

It can be said that Jinlun machinery factory has great influence in the machinery industry. This activity has gained the attention and favor from customers and all over the industry. In the early morning of January 1, guests from all over the country began to sign in one after another.


After the signing ceremony, all the guests visited the company’s factory area to understand the corporate culture and witness the 20-year development of Jinlun machinery factory.





After the visit, the celebration ceremony of the 20th anniversary officially started in the blue sea Junhua hotel 

Speech by Li Ming, chairman of Shandong Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory

Li Ming, chairman of the board of directors, said: the past 20 years is a milestone in the history of the development of Jinlun, and it is also a booster for the people of Jinlun who have accumulated a lot of knowledge and are determined to forge ahead. In the past 20 years, Feixian Jinlun machinery factory has trained nearly 100 people in the same industry of veneer peeling machines. It is the Jinlun machinery factory that drives the entire veneer peeling machine industry chain in Feixian County, and also cultivates many of its own competitors. Only when there are competitors can there be competition, There are competitors and driving forces, but we firmly believe that with the care of leaders, the support of many customers and friends, and the joint efforts of all staff of Jinlun, the future of Jinlun must be brilliant. Let’s work hard and witness together!


Speech by Wang Qingzhong, chairman of Linyi Wood Industry Association






After 20 years of struggle

Twenty years of development and growth

Jinlun people have created numerous brilliant achievements

Jinlun people are full of bravery and passion

Towards a higher goal, with indomitable spirit step by step


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