JinLun machine factory produces veneer peeling and debarker.

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Join Jinlun Machinery, Feixian, China, and create wealth together with you

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 This is an enterprise specializing in veneer peeling machines,with more than 20 years of production research experience,not only recognized in the industry,but also praised by users!There is a saying in China’s veneer peeling machine industry,"If you buy a veneer peeling machine,choose the golden wheel",it says everything,choose Feixian golden wheel,you can guarantee that you will not go wrong!

 Join us,you can learn the real and feasible profit model,get the guidance of professional technical team,the operation mode of the whole process,etc.,so that you can get the highest efficiency return with the lowest capital investment!Places are limited,first come first served!
veneer peeling machines
 contact details:

 National toll free hotline:400-839-8077

 Sales Hotline:0539-5017337

 Supervision Tel:17806115800(same as WeChat)

 Mail:jinlun.NO.1 vip.163.com

 Official website:https://www.rotarycutting.com/

 Address:No.111,Nanwaihuan Road,Fei County,Shandong Province,China

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