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Knife installation tutorial for cardless CNC veneer peeling machine

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 We know that the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine mainly relies on the blade to work,because the purpose of its work is to use the blade to peel the wood into wood chips.So how to install knives for machinery and equipment is what we must learn.Let’s take a detailed look at the tutorial of installing knives for cardless CNC veneer peeling machines!
Knife installation tutorial for cardless CNC veneer peeling machine
 When installing the knife for the veneer peeler,first put the knife in the slot,and then screw on one of the nuts.Use a contour equivalent to the height of the center line of the chuck shaft as a standard,and twist the top knife bolt.Set the height of the two-end knives,and the height of the two-end knives should be in good condition,and then set the height of the side.Then tighten all the nuts.Note:The middle of the blade is 0.1-0.2mm higher than the ends,so the smaller diameter of the rotary cut will not bend when pressing the wood.

 Check that the blade height is appropriate,use the arm profile corresponding to the high machine height of the axis line of the bottom of the card to measure the profile.It can also be measured directly with a knife height measuring device,which is assembled through a spirit level with a level and a spiral micrometer.When measuring the height of the knife,first place one end of the level on the appearance of the chuck,twist the telescopic rod of the micrometer and place it on the blade to adjust the height of the top knife.If the bubble of the level is in the center,it means that the veneer peeler The knife height is the same as the centerline of the chuck shaft.

 The cardless CNC veneer peeling machine is used for the high-speed movement of the wood and the high-speed operation of the components subject to wear.In order to reduce wear,the moving parts that are often lubricated,so reduce the movement and prolong the wear life.The efficiency of the board peeler.Are there used oils and greases

 The lubricating oil is liquid,the rotation speed of the machine becomes higher and higher,the lower the dynamic viscosity of the lubricating oil used;

 Non-liquid friction is prone to occur,use high-viscosity lubricating oil,and use oil viscosity to increase the working temperature;

 The roughness of the friction surface should use the viscosity of the oil,otherwise,use the low viscosity.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 The above is the knife installation tutorial for the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine.I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Of course,if you still have questions about the veneer peeling machine,you can always call our customer service hotline for detailed consultation!

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