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Lifting and installation of veneer peeling machines

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 The hoisting and installation of the veneer peeling machines has the following four points:

 1.The veneer peeler hoist the equipment(hanging the curved beam)according to the specified position,and use wood veneer or other pads between the wire rope and the machine to avoid scratching the painted surface.The veneer peeler can be loaded,unloaded and moved with a forklift,or with a crane or crane;during the hoisting process of the veneer peeler,the hoisting personnel must concentrate their energy and reduce the center of gravity as much as possible to maintain its stability and Visibility to avoid hurting people or bumping into xuns.
Lifting and installation of veneer peeling machines
 2.The veneer peeler should be installed on a flat and firm ground.The surrounding area should be padded.Sufficient space should be left around the veneer peeler,and the lighting should be good to facilitate operation and future maintenance.

 3.The power cord of the veneer peeler should be connected to the upper three terminal posts of the air switch that comes with the equipment,and the switch cover should be covered.All other internal control circuits have been connected.
veneer peeling machines
 4.After the veneer peeling machine is installed,before starting the test run,use gasoline and cotton cloth to scrub all parts,especially the clamping screw,feed screw,dovetail guide rail,hanging wheel frame and each square seat.All places should be cleaned and there should be no foreign objects.

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