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Maintenance and life of the veneer peeling machine

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 How long can you use the veneer peeling machine you purchased?What is the quality of the machine when you buy the machine?How much trouble and loss will be caused by repairing today and tomorrow when you use the machine?The reasons for these problems are you Have you ever thought about it?
Maintenance and life of the veneer peeling machine
 When buying the same machine,pay attention to its quality,because we don’t want it to make the slightest omission when it actually runs to the assembly line,causing unnecessary losses.Some manufacturers can use the same quality veneer peeling machine for about 13 years,but some manufacturers can only use it for 10 years.Obviously they are all the same when they are bought,but the length of time they have been used is obviously different.Are you surprised?Small nuances in daily life affect future use of the machine.This is like a person,a person who can eat healthy,exercise and check,and pay attention to health will often live healthier and longer than a person who is unscrupulous in his life and has no rules.The same is true for machines.To be like a veneer peeler that can be used for a long time,inspection,cleaning and maintenance cannot be ignored.Workers in each position should clean the machine when they are off work,and use the machine correctly every day at work.Use and maintain the machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.It is one piece for the machine and the personnel who operate the machine.Good thing,it avoids the danger caused by improper operation.
veneer peeling machine
 Do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the veneer peeling machine.The staff must operate the equipment in strict accordance with the operating specifications.It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment in violation of the regulations.When the machine is in an unstable state,stop using it and perform timely repairs,and do not let it work with illness.".On this basis,a good habit of equipment maintenance and maintenance is formed.Before the machine works,check whether the machine is grounded and whether the button status is normal.Pay attention to changes in the working state of the machine at any time during the working process.If the machine generates heat or abnormal noise occurs,stop the machine in time and perform maintenance.If the thermal relay action causes a stop due to overload,you need to press the"reset"button of the thermal relay to continue the operation.After the machine is used,the machine should be regularly inspected and maintained.During the spot inspection,pay attention to check whether the oil volume of the oil cylinder is sufficient.If the oil volume is insufficient,add it in time;check whether the machine parts are worn out,and replace them immediately if they are damaged.;Also check whether the parts are loose,and adjust and tighten them in time to prevent them from falling off during work.In addition,for the rotating parts of the veneer peeling machine,such as gears,bearings,shafts and sleeves,oil should be filled once a week.The oil used in the fuel tank should be replaced and cleaned every six months.The filter should be cleaned monthly.Clean once,check the AC contactor once every six months,and check the equipment once a year.When the machine is not in use for a long time,cut off the power supply,wipe the machine clean,and add lubricating oil to the parts that need to be lubricated to prevent rust.

 Doing a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the veneer peeling machine can ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine,reduce the number of repairs,and extend its service life.

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