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Maintenance and maintenance of Jinlun debarker

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 Our lives are becoming more and more intelligent,and our production is slowly changing to intelligent.The so-called intelligence is that there are fewer and fewer manual operations.You only need to press a button gently,and the rest of the machine can do it for you.So now debarker is also moving closer to intelligence.The operation of Jinlun debarker is very simple,and the manual requirements are not high.As long as the staff has experience in operation,it can be operated after a simple understanding.
Maintenance and maintenance of Jinlun debarker
 It is well known that as mechanical friction generates heat and friction loss,moderate friction is a normal operation of the machine,but excessive friction has an extremely adverse effect on the machine.During the operation of the debarker,if there is any abnormal phenomenon such as slow operation and abnormal noise,it should be shut down for inspection in time.The machine should be maintained regularly after a period of use.The use of lubricating oil can effectively maintain the machine.

 Good maintenance and correct use methods are the guarantee of its performance and safety in use.Regular inspections should maintain the stability and safe use of other equipment.Check according to the following effective frequencies.The equipment should be tested during the trial.Adding lubricating oil to his steering shaft clutch gear and waiting for each of his operating parts to add lubricating oil to make him smoother in use.On these equipments,it is necessary to give him every new machine Partially pour a little lubricating oil.This is once every few hours when his equipment is not in operation,but if he is at work,he has to apply lubricating oil twice for a few hours.If his operation time is too long,It is necessary to check whether the usage of each button is normal.
 The main function of lubricating oil is to reduce friction on machinery and equipment,and to protect the liquid or semi-solid lubricant of machinery and processed parts.When the surface of the friction surface is rough,oil with higher viscosity should be used,otherwise,lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used;For institutions prone to non-liquid friction,such as variable load,unequal speed,or frequent start and stop,lubricating oil with a larger viscosity should be used.The debarker maintenance is done,which can effectively extend the service life of the machine

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