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Maintenance of common failures of shaftless veneer peeling machine

   Mechanical failure is a normal phenomenon. Most of the equipment will inevitably have a small failure after long-term use. When facing these problems, it is easy to find the cause. The following is a shaftless veneer peeling machine. As an example, the editor will talk with you about common troubleshooting measures.
Maintenance of common failures of shaftless veneer peeling machine
 1. The veneer peeled by the veneer peeling machine is rolled or unrolled;

 Fault reasons: 1: The knife gate is too narrow; 2: The knife holder is too high.

   Solution: Loosen the ram screws and adjusting screws on both ends of the machine, appropriately widen the knife door by 10 or so, then lower the knife by two millimeters and then tighten the screws at both ends. In addition, spray as much water as possible when the wood is too dry. For a while. When re-spinning, it can basically eliminate the skin curling.

 2. The thickness of the peeled veneer is uneven and has no obvious regularity;

 Fault reasons: 1: The distance measuring encoder or electronic ruler is partially damaged; 2: The speed measuring encoder is damaged.

 Solution: 1: Adjust the fast-forward frequency to 2Hz, and fast-forward to observe whether the log diameter changes continuously. If there is an obvious pause, please replace the ranging encoder.

 2: Measure whether the roller speed is consistent with the actual speed. If the measured value has obvious jitter, replace the speed encoder.

 3. The thickness of the peeled veneer is uneven and tends to become thicker gradually;

 Fault reasons: 1: The wood material is hard or has many knots, which makes the inverter’s low-frequency torque insufficient; 2. The grid voltage is low.

 Solution: 1: Adjust the inverter F6.10 parameter to 160 or adjust the controller parameter before/after thickness compensation to a suitable value.

 Four, the thickness of the peeled veneer is uneven and becomes obvious wavy;

 Fault reason: 1: The cutting resistance of the veneer peeler is too large. 2: The motor parameter input is incorrect.

 Solution: 1: The inverter output current will not be greater than 5A when there is no load. If the output current is too large, you need to adjust the veneer peeler itself, such as strengthening lubrication. 2: Correctly input the parameters on the motor nameplate and then self-learn.
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   The above is about the common faults of the shaftless veneer peeling machine and how to repair it. I hope that the content summarized by the editor can help everyone. Friends who want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the card veneer peeling machine , Please click to view related article content.

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