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Market Positioning of CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

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 Today,through various inspections,we found that we should make some detailed adjustments to the market positioning of the CNC veneer peeling machine,which will help increase the sales of our products,and more importantly,increase the customer’s understanding of the CNC veneers produced by our company.The recognition of the peeling machine helps the company’s sustainable development.
Market Positioning of CNC Veneer Peeling Machine
 First of all,we cannot confine the market to a few cities.Although precise positioning can increase the success rate of our CNC veneer peeling machine sales,it actually severely limits the future development of the CNC veneer peeling machine.Why do you say that,because our total market share is the ultimate destination of our company.If this overall scope is reduced,then our development will definitely be severely restricted.For example,it can be clearly explained that if your customer is a citizen of a city,assuming that the city has 1 million customers,then we can sell at most 1 million CNC veneer peeling machines.But if we position the market nationwide,even if we cannot achieve such a high success rate,even if we achieve 2%,we still have more than 20 million customers.Therefore,the market positioning is important for CNC veneer peeling machine companies.Sustained development is essential.
CNC Veneer Peeling Machine
 Second,we cannot limit the market to the urban population.Now with the development of the times,the income level of farmers has also been greatly improved,so our customers are not limited to customers in the cities,we should work harder to develop the rural customer groups,where is the undeveloped The new continent is the decisive lifeline that drives the development of the CNC veneer peeling machine industry.

 Through the above two points,we can see that we must have a new understanding of the market positioning of CNC veneer peeling machines to ensure the company’s sustainable development.

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