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Matters needing attention when operating the Veneer peeling machine

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 1.Before starting the Veneer peeling machine equipment,the operator should check whether all the safety facilities are normal,and check that there are no other objects unrelated to the machine around the machine before starting up.Protective shields such as bevel gear shields must be kept intact during equipment operation.

 2.When lubricating the Veneer peeling machine equipment,remember to touch the equipment directly with your hands.

 3.During the peeling process,all the parts of the peeling must be remembered to do it casually.Non-operators are not allowed to approach.

 4.Keep the knife surface on the knife body seat clean and apply some engine oil to prevent corrosion to avoid adverse effects on the installation and adjustment of the rotary cutter.

 5.The Veneer peeling machine equipment should be operated by professional personnel,and other personnel should not do it to avoid operating errors and accidents.

 6.When adjusting the height of the knife to loosen or tighten the bolt that fixes the rotary cutter,after the pressure ruler frame is turned and opened,a wooden shaft should be used to pad between the pressure ruler frame and the rotary cutter to prevent the pressure gauge frame from falling and hurting people.

 7.The technical improvement of the equipment will affect the operation and safety of the equipment.It must be carried out by the personnel of the veneer peeling machine manufacturer or a person authorized by the manufacturer,otherwise the manufacturer will not be responsible for the consequences caused by the modification.

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