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Matters needing attention when the veneer peeling machine works

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 Before starting the work,the operator of the veneer peeling machine should check whether the handle position of the mechanical equipment is correct,whether the protection measures of the limit are in good condition,and whether the tightness of the belt chain is reasonable.Before that,your clothes,sleeves and trousers should be fastened,and relevant protective equipment should be fully worn.Before the veneer peeling machine is turned on,the veneer peeling thickness must be adjusted.It cannot be adjusted after the machine is turned on,and it is very dangerous and therefore cannot be adjusted.

 Start working after idling for 1 to 2 minutes without any abnormality.When the operator leaves the mechanical equipment because of something,he needs to cut off the power supply.The all-in-one veneer peeling machine should not be left idling under the condition of unattended,to prevent the occurrence of dangerous things that cannot be stopped in time.

 When the veneer peeling machine is running,it is not allowed to wipe the machine or lubricate the equipment.If the above operation is required,it should be carried out when the equipment stops rotating.Before starting the machine,check whether the equipment parts are safe to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards.Ensure that the parts are installed correctly,the operator should be familiar with the operation keyboard process,do not place useless items on the equipment,use a small wooden shaft to remove the residue after processing,and must not fiddle with hands,check the switch of the feeding station regularly to avoid crashing It is forbidden to modify the equipment without permission to process other products.

 When getting off work,be sure to cut off the power supply,check whether the mechanical equipment has indeed stopped running,and then clean the sanitation around the mechanical equipment after confirming that it is correct.Safe operation every day,in order to live a happy life every day.

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