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Necessary machinery for veneer production of CNC veneer peeling machine

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 Entering the furniture market,we see a dazzling array of panel furniture,all of which are processed from all kinds of wood;these are not uncommon for us.In Linyi,a unique place,each has its own characteristics.For machinery Then it must be Feixian Jinlun!All kinds of wood machinery have their own functions,so the outside world is amazed!
Necessary machinery for veneer production of CNC veneer peeling machine
 Of course,as the main production equipment of plywood,the"CNC Veneer Peeling Machine"is not to mention it.It is the pioneer of wood machinery and the earliest batch of machinery for the production of panels.The biggest feature of these machines is that they are generally large and large.The structure is complicated,and the logs need to be centered before going on the machine.If the centering is not correct,intermittent veneer strips or narrow veneers will be unscrewed when peeling off.The more broken veneers or narrow veneers,the more sapwood veneers of good quality are lost,which is not conducive to the continuity of production.Logs have curved,irregular cross-sections,and large and small heads(sharpness)at both ends,etc.,which may cause the unscrewed veneers to be broken veneers and waste wood.And when the log diameter is reduced to a certain extent,the peeling cannot be continued(that is,the remaining wood core causes wood waste).And at the beginning,the quality and accuracy of the veneer of this machine was not very high,and the production efficiency and the degree of automation of the whole machine were far from the current CNC machinery!
CNC veneer peeling machine
 With the advancement of science and technology,digital numerical control technology has been fully embodied in the CNC veneer peeling machine,but the CNC veneer peeling machine cannot be replaced by any machine!

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