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Operator requirements and precautions for CNC veneer peeling machine

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 Today we will talk about the requirements of the CNC veneer peeling machine for operators?When I wake up in the morning,the editor obviously feels that the weather is much colder.I would like to remind everyone that the cold winter is approaching.Everyone must take measures to keep warm,and they are still in the epidemic.Wear masks when you go out.After all,there will be more and more colds this season.,When the virus is spreading,we must take protective measures.
Operator requirements and precautions for CNC veneer peeling machine
 Okay,let’s get back to the topic.Today,when the editor went to work in the factory,I had a meeting and said that because the after-sales customer service in the factory often encounters customers to ask what is the requirement of the operator when operating the CNC veneer peeling machine?After-sales customer service is still not clear about this aspect,so we need to have a meeting to focus on training.Our trainer said this,let’s take a look!

 1.It is not allowed to wear slippers or high heels when operating the CNC veneer peeling machine.Female employees need to tie their hair,and are not allowed to wear vests and shorts,and work barefoot or barefoot.

 2.Check all parts of the machine before starting the machine,focusing on checking whether there are other metal debris in the distribution box and control cabinet,whether the electrical circuit has fallen off and the insulation is damaged,whether the electrical components and meters are intact,and the screws of the equipment Whether there is any looseness(especially the tools and moving rotating parts must be checked daily),if any problems are found,report to the above for handling in time.

 3.Do not move the equipment at will,save electricity,and prohibit the equipment from idling for a long time.

 4.When starting up,check the equipment to confirm that there is no safety hazard before allowing it to start up and perform peeling work.When shutting down,stop the various control systems in the reverse order when starting up,and then shut down.

 5.Regular maintenance of the machine is required.All movement and rotation contact points of sliding mechanisms(such as sliders,slide rails),feed screws,chains,bearings,gears,etc.should be checked daily and weekly lubricated.Oil or grease maintenance once or twice.The motor needs to be maintained at the second level(maintenance once every six months)to keep the motor clean and in good heat dissipation.

 6.It is forbidden to place other objects on the machine and equipment,especially metal hard objects,and it is prohibited to use hands to clean the sawdust on the knives when the machine is running.

 7.When changing tools or repairing,a warning sign must be hung up,and safety protection measures must be taken during operation,and the operation must be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety.The tools of the equipment need to be polished with a special grinding machine.It can be burned and the straightness of the knife edge must be maintained.

 8.Before leaving get off work,disconnect the branched power supply and main control power supply of the equipment,and then thoroughly clean the equipment so that there is no hidden danger in the equipment.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 To sum up,I believe we have a certain understanding of what precautions the operator should pay attention to when operating the CNC veneer peeling machine.In short,the most important thing for everyone when operating the equipment is safety.Secondly,do the daily inspection of the machine.And maintenance work.Finally,the editor once again reminds everyone that during this cold epidemic period,everyone must take measures to keep warm.

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