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Pay attention to the blade of the veneer peeler when using it

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 When installing the blades of the veneer peeler,take the centerline height of the chuck shaft as the reference line,rotate the bolts to first set the height of the two blades,and then position the middle height,so that the blade of the blade and the center of the chuck shaft of the machine The same horizontal line,and then tighten the nut.The height of the blade of the veneer peeler should be 0-1 mm higher than the center of the wood.If vibration occurs during the peeling,it is due to the low installation of the knife.Adjust the blade until it does not vibrate.If the resistance of the rotary cutting is too large or the skin is broken,it is because the blade is installed too high,and it can be adjusted appropriately.
Pay attention to the blade of the veneer peeler when using it
 In the working process of the veneer peeling machine,high-quality blades must be used.It is characterized by good blade strength and toughness,and its blade consumption is low;the cut veneer is smooth and flat;the thickness of the veneer is consistent,and the dimensional accuracy is high.,The veneer qualification rate is high;the use time is long,and the production efficiency is high.Therefore,the comprehensive benefits of high-quality blades are far greater than the value of the blade itself.

 When installing the knife on the veneer peeling machine,first put the knife in the slot,then screw on one of the nuts first,use a contour device equivalent to the height of the center line of the chuck shaft as a standard,rotate the top knife bolt,and set the two ends Set the height of the knife,the knife height at both ends should be level,and then set the height in the middle.Then tighten all nuts.Note:The middle of the blade is 0.1-0.2mm higher than both ends,so that when the diameter of the rotary cutting is small,it will not bend because of the extrusion of the wood.

 Check whether the height of the knife is appropriate.You can use a contour device to measure.The height of the contour device’s arm is equivalent to the height from the center line of the machine’s chuck shaft to the base.It can also be measured with a knife height measuring device,which is assembled with a spirit level and a spiral micrometer.When measuring the height of the knife,first put one end of the level on the surface of the chuck,rotate the telescopic rod of the micrometer to place it on the blade,and adjust the height of the top knife.If the water bubble of the level is in the middle position,it means that the height of the knife is in the middle of the chuck.The center line is consistent.
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 In the process of using the veneer peeler,if you want to really play its role,the premise is to understand the performance of the equipment,be familiar with the operation process of the equipment,and master the operating skills in use,so as to improve the efficiency of production.

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