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Points for attention of the debarker operator

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 Although the current debarker is relatively mature and does not require much manpower,accidents still happen occasionally.Take precautions before you do anything.In order to avoid accidents,we need to do its maintenance work carefully.
Points for attention of the debarker operator
 The safety accidents caused by the use of debarker in production are completely avoidable,and sometimes what we are missing is just a question of consciousness.Before using the debarker and after using the debarker,you must pay attention to the corresponding maintenance work.Through careful investigation,various small problems are resolved and avoided in time,so that various potential threats and hidden dangers have nowhere to escape.

 The skin is not clean.The reason is that the knife is low and the knife seam is too small.Solution:Refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam.The debarker is plugged in,the indicator light is on,but the motor cannot start.Solution:Pay attention to whether the power supply is lack of phase or the main control line is dashed.Carefully overhaul the power and control lines and the main stop button.The debarker cannot automatically retract the knife.It may be because the limit switch and the retract control circuit are open.Solution:Replace the travel switch and repair the circuit.
 Debarker’s operators are responsible for daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment,and operate in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures.It is strictly forbidden to avoid illegal operations during the work of the debarker.When the machine is malfunctioning,you must not repair it while the machine is working,you must stop the operation,turn off the equipment and immediately notify the responsible person for repair.Debarker needs us to take care of it so that our production can proceed smoothly.

 We hope that our debarker will bring more economic benefits to our customers.

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