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Precautions after replacing the blade of the veneer peeler

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 For the woodworking industry,the wear resistance of the tool is very important,not only affecting the production efficiency of the plate,but also having a certain impact on equipment damage.

 Some users will replace the blades of the veneer peeler with new blades to improve efficiency.This is correct,but some users will have problems after replacing the new sharpening blades.In fact,these problems have nothing to do with the replacement of the blades.,But did not pay attention to these:

 First,the sharpener cannot sharpen the blade too much,because these materials are very thin and brittle.If the blade appears blue when sharpened,the blade will be annealed and the blade will not be able to be used normally.Second,it is necessary to control the feed rate and cooling effect during the machining process to avoid the phenomenon that the newly polished blade is easy to be cut during use.Third,it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon that the blade edge is ground into a concave shape.

 When installing a knife for the veneer peeling machine,first put the knife in the slot,then screw on one of the nuts,use a contour equal to the height of the center line of the chuck shaft as a standard,and rotate the top knife bolt to The knife height at both ends should be set,and the knife height at both ends should be level,and then the middle height should be set.Then tighten all the nuts,but it should be noted that when the diameter of the veneer peeling is small,the veneer will not be bent due to the squeezing of the wood section.To check whether the height of the knife is appropriate,you can use a contour device to measure,etc.The arm height of the height device is equivalent to the height from the center line of the machine chuck shaft to the machine base.It can also be measured with a knife height measuring device.It is assembled with a spirit level and a spiral micrometer.When measuring the knife height,you can first place one end of the spirit level on the surface of the chuck and rotate the micrometer micrometer.The telescopic rod is placed on the blade,and the height is adjusted.The water bubble of the level ruler is in the middle position,indicating that the height of the knife is consistent with the center line of the chuck shaft

 Operating skills are slowly accumulated in the course of normal use,and are related to everyone’s operating habits.Simplifying complex things is a skill.Veneer peeling machine manufacturers can solve various veneer peeling problems for users.,Welcome everyone.

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