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Precautions for hydraulic debarker at work

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 We all know what it is used for.Of course,some people may not know what it is.Here,the editor of Jinlun will briefly introduce it.The hydraulic debarker is mainly used as a kind of equipment that needs to be used when wood peeling.What precautions should we pay attention to when using it?Let the editor of Jinlun give you a detailed explanation below!
Precautions for hydraulic debarker at work
 1.Before operating the debarker,check whether all parts of the equipment,electrical switches,hydraulic system,and numerical control system are in good condition,and run an empty test.

 2.The hydraulic debarker must be operated by a dedicated person,and when multiple persons are operated,they need to cooperate with each other,and the thinking must be concentrated during operation.

 3.According to the process requirements of the processed parts,carefully compile CNC machining programs.

 4.When the sheet material enters the roller,pay attention to the occurrence of human crush and cut.Strictly prevent hands or clothing from being twisted into the roller,and prohibit people from standing on the workpiece.

 5.It is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of feeding and discharging after the sheet material is placed in position and when the machine is running.

 6.It must be stopped to adjust rollers and sheet materials.

 7.When using a crane to work with the plate rolling,a special person should be instructed,and the selection of fixtures should be appropriate;should cooperate with the crane and hook workers,and strictly abide by the crane operation rules when hoisting;when the plate rolling machine is running,the crane is not allowed to change the lifting force situation.

 8.When taking out the rolled sheet,you must stop and take measures to prevent the sheet from falling.

 9.The finished cylinder should be placed neatly and cushioned to prevent rolling and hurting people.
 The above is about what needs to be paid attention to in the work of the hydraulic debarker.I hope that the content summarized by the editor will be helpful to everyone.Of course,if anyone does not know what a hydraulic debarker is,please feel free to call for details.advisory!

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