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Precautions for the blades of the veneer peeling machine

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 When we use the veneer peeling machine,we need to analyze the various parts of the product,and we need to apply some smooth oil on the parts that it runs.This can ensure that the product persists smoothly during use.If the veneer is present If the surface is uneven,you should check whether his blade is flat,whether it is bent,or whether the blade is still sharp.If it is not sharp,remove it and use a sharpener to re-adjust the knife position.When sharpening the blade,the blade cannot be sharpened too much,because these materials are very thin and brittle.If the blade appears blue when the blade is sharpened,the blade will be annealed and the blade will not be able to be used normally.It is necessary to control the feed rate and cooling effect during the machining process to avoid the phenomenon that the newly sharpened blade is easy to be cut in the process of use.Avoid grinding the blade edge into a concave shape.The blade of the veneer peeler is very important for the veneer peeler.It directly determines whether the product produced by the rotary cutting meets the target expectation.The daily maintenance of the blade in daily production can reduce the wear and damage of the blade.Extending the life of the blade and operating the veneer peeler correctly can also improve product quality and work efficiency,and create greater value for the enterprise.

 The maintenance and maintenance of the blades of the veneer peeling machine shall run through before,during and after use.Before use,the blades must be installed correctly.The blade angle of the veneer peeler should be 30 degrees.It is fine to use a surface grinder.Because the blades of steel inserts are usually brittle,the resistance is too large and easy to break,so the feed rate can be kept at About 5 silk.The blade edge angle of the chipper is 45 degrees,and a surface grinder can be used.As long as the blade is not blue,the blade will not be annealed.When installing the blade,pay attention to whether the height of the blade is maintained at the same level and whether the nut is tightened.When in use,pay attention to whether the blade is working properly and whether it is loose,etc.,and deal with it in time if a problem is found.After use,the veneer peeler should be properly installed,and do not place it in a humid or corrosive environment,otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the blade and the veneer peeler.

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