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Precautions for the use of veneer peeling machine

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 Some things to pay attention to when using the veneer peeling machine:

 1.It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair the vector inverter without permission,and it is not allowed to touch the electrical appliances and main control circuit board in the computer cabinet with your hands.Otherwise,it is easy to damage the electronic components on the circuit board due to static electricity,or cause personal safety due to electric shock.accident.
Precautions for the use of veneer peeling machine
 2.It is not allowed to change the technical parameter setting content of the inverter without permission,nor to change the relevant technical parameter setting content of the main control system,and set the fixed-point parking setting value of the main control system,the minimum remaining amount of wood core and the thickness compensation value.The fixed value should meet the technical requirements for use.

 3.The pull rod of the stroke detection sensor and the feed mechanism move synchronously in the same direction.The entire stroke of the pull rod should be kept free and flexible during installation.

 4.When installing the sensor,the clamping position of the sensor should be adjusted(moved)so that the displacement change does not exceed the measurement range,that is,by observing the displacement reading,the displacement is within the predetermined change,the signal output does not exceed the rated range,and the actual stroke value It must be consistent with the displayed detection value.

 5.Please do not allow the movable iron core and the pulling rod to become deformed and bent due to the increased lateral force,otherwise the flexibility of the pulling rod will be strictly affected,and the sensor must not be knocked or dropped.

 6.When the sensor is installed,it is not allowed to be damaged by high temperature heat conduction.

 7.Avoid loosening when clamping the sensor,but it is also not allowed
veneer peeling machine
 8.This device is suitable for the rod-driven single-board veneer peeling machine without card shaft of the AC vector inverter speed control system.

 9.Avoid rain and direct sunlight.

 10.The metal casing of the device should be connected to the earth separately and firmly.

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