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Precautions for use of spindle veneer peeling machine

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 There is a certain degree of danger when machinery is in operation,so the operation of machinery must follow certain principles.Spindle veneer peeling machine is a necessary machine for wood processing.Although most of the machines on the market now have a high degree of automation,this does not mean that the machine has no operating precautions.
Precautions for the use of card rotary cutting machine

 The use requirements of the spindle veneer peeling machine:

 1.Uniform peeling thickness,high precision(within 0.1mm error)and smooth surface.
 2.There is no thin or broken skin when the machine stops in the middle.
 3.No tail knife thin skin can appear when the machine stops.
 4.When peeling the harder wood,there must be enough torque to prevent the veneer of the veneer peeler from being thin.
 5.When peeling the yin and yang wood,there should be no uneven thickness or peeling.

 Precautions when using the spindle veneer peeling machine

 In order to ensure the normal use and safety of the spindle veneer peeler,basic maintenance of the equipment is required,so let’s take a brief look.First of all,before using the equipment,the operator should check whether all safety facilities are working properly,and check whether the equipment has obvious defects;before starting the equipment,ensure that all parts are installed correctly and that no parts are damaged,and have a clear understanding and familiarity with the electrical operation keyboard and functions use.

 Secondly,the veneer peeling machine should be checked regularly to ensure the stable and safe performance of the equipment.The inspection should be carried out according to the following frequency:before the new equipment is commissioned,the guide shaft,the hanging frame,the clutch gear,the roller shaft and other moving parts should be lubricated;The guide shaft,hanging wheel frame,clutch gear,roller shaft,etc.should be frequently lubricated for the new machine;after the equipment has been working for 200 hours,the lubricating parts should be lubricated twice every 8 hours.
Veneer peeling machine

 Veneer peeling machine

 For the normal maintenance of the spindle veneer peeler,we have to divide it into three parts:the front,the middle and the back,which are before starting up,running,and after power off.There are matters needing attention in each part,and I hope you can strictly abide by it.

 The above is about the requirements and precautions when using the spindle veneer peeling machine.I hope everyone can help you solve the problem after reading it.If you want to know other friends about the veneer peeling,please click to view the related article content!

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