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Precautions for veneer peeling machine

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 During the operation of the veneer peeler,it is inevitable that some faults sometimes occur,but it is necessary to find and solve them in time.If the power indicator light is on and the motor cannot start,it is because the power supply lacks phase or the main control line is connected to the virtual connection.The solution is to repair the power supply and control line and the main stop button.If the veneer peeling machine automatically feeds in during the peeling,and stops at all times,it is due to the virtual connection of the feed circuit or the slippage of the electromagnetic clutch,and the peeling knife is too high.The solution to this is to check whether the feed line is virtual.Connect;Use gasoline or diesel to clean the clutch plate and adjust the knife height.If the board is thick in the front and thin in the back,it is because the knife is low or the knife seam is too small,you need to refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam.

 If the board skin cannot be connected,the reason is that the height of the rotary cutter is inconsistent,and the knife seam does not fit well with the knife feed wheel.The solution is to adjust the knife height of the veneer peeler,the knife seam and the knife feed wheel,and replace the wood.

 Veneer rolling:This situation is generally mainly caused by the knife door being too narrow or the knife holder being too high.The solution is very simple.Loosen the ram screws and adjusting screws at both ends,widen the knife door,lower the height of the knife,and then tighten the screws.This can solve the problem of veneer rolling.

 Veneer thickness unevenness:Mainly due to the damage of the distance measuring or speed measuring encoder or the electronic ruler.Solution:Adjust the fast forward frequency to 2Hz and observe whether the diameter change of the log is continuous.If there is a pause,it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced.If the speed of the roller is inconsistent with the actual speed,you need to replace the speed encoder.

 The veneer cut by the rotary cutting is wavy:this situation of the veneer peeler is generally caused by the excessive resistance of the knife.Solution:Check whether the output current of the inverter is greater than 5A during idling.If the current exceeds 5A,the machine needs to be adjusted,and check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large.

 The user of the veneer peeling machine should stand on the side of the machine,and do not stand within the stroke range of the machine after the machine is started;adjust the size of the wood,the speed range can be adjusted,the rotary cutting speed is fast,the efficiency is high,and the board can meet the requirements Where the linear velocity is high.If the log is not properly centered,intermittent veneers will be unscrewed,causing losses and making continuous production impossible.Logs with curved wood will also unscrew intermittent broken veneers.For complex rotary cutting objects,the starting torque is large to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force and uniform output during low-speed heavy cutting.To ensure the stability of the rotary cutting and high-speed stop and restart the work.It is necessary to check the operation status of the equipment and whether the components are installed correctly.After the peeling is completed,use wooden sticks and other tools to remove the remaining wooden shafts on the veneer peeler.Remember not to take it by hand to avoid danger.

 Do not wipe,lubricate or maintain the equipment during operation of the veneer peeling machine to avoid danger.Drinking alcohol and drugs are not allowed during working hours.Check whether all parts of the machine are normal and whether they are damaged before starting.If necessary,replace the parts before using.The maintenance of the veneer peeler is very important during use,and good maintenance can promote the normal operation of our machinery.When using the veneer peeling machine,you need to perform regular operations on it.Only by adopting a regular operation can the damage to the veneer peeling machine be reduced.It is like this kind of machine that works in a harsh environment.,The work itself is a very hard thing,so what we can do is to minimize the impact of this environment on it.We have to do small daily maintenance and regular maintenance to ensure better use of the veneer peeling machine.

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