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Principle of CNC Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

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 The veneer peeling machine is used to peel the wooden veneer into a veneer.As far as the classification of veneer peelers is concerned,veneer peelers are divided into card veneer peelers and non-card veneer peelers.Card veneer peelers are suitable for large-diameter wood and no cards.Used for small diameter wood.

 Many people may ask what is the principle of the CNC wood veneer peeling machine?Let the editor lead you to take a concrete look at the principle of the CNC wood veneer peeling machine!

 The principle of veneer peeling is:the left and right chuck shafts clamp the ends of the wood section and drive it to rotate.The blade of the rotary knife installed on the knife bed is parallel to the axis of the chuck shaft and feeds along its vertical direction,along the annual ring of the wood section.The direction veneer is peeled to get a veneer of equal thickness.Whether it is peeling a veneer at a constant speed or a veneer at a constant line speed,in order to obtain a veneer of a certain thickness,the feed rate of the cutter bed should remain unchanged for every rotation of the chuck shaft.The size is equal to the nominal thickness of the veneer.By changing this feed rate,veneers of different thicknesses can be obtained.

 The CNC cardless veneer peeling machine is an important equipment in the plywood production line or veneer production line.It is mainly used for secondary utilization of the remaining(or round)wood core of the veneer peeling machine with a card axis.The wood sections with different lengths and the wood core veneers within a certain diameter range are peeled into veneers of different thicknesses.

 The above is the knowledge about the principle of the veneer peeling machine.If you want to know more,please pay more attention to Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory!The editor will bring you more knowledge about machinery!

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