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Principles of using veneer peeling machine

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 The golden wheel veneer peeling machine is a powerful helper for panel manufacturers to peel off the wood to produce and process wood.With it,not only the work efficiency is improved,but also the labor is saved,and the economic benefit of the enterprise is improved.Therefore,Jinlun veneer peeling machine is very popular among board manufacturers.When you walk into any panel factory,you can see a veneer peeling machine that is busy working constantly.Under its work,thick and long pieces of wood become wide and thin boards.The smooth and white board appeared in people’s sight.The inevitable veneer peeling machine also has its shortcomings,that is,its peeling knife needs frequent maintenance,otherwise it will cause damage to the board once it is dull,the peeling speed will slow down,and the wood may even be stuck.This requires the veneer peeling The machine staff should maintain the veneer peeler regularly.
Principles of using veneer peeling machine

 Understand the principles of the use of the veneer peeler.Why do you suddenly get stuck?

 The veneer peeler suddenly got stuck.In addition to the veneer peeler knife,other factors can also cause it to jam.In such a situation,first stop and power off,and then check what is the cause of the jam,check whether the saw blade is not tightened,or the saw blade is too long and not sharp,the belt is slipping or damaged,and then proceed according to the actual situation.Adjust and replace,the wood hardness is too high,the machine is too laborious,and the machine power is small,which causes the problems of jamming and the installation angle of the cutter head.After troubleshooting one by one,the root cause of the problem will be found and solved.
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 Principle of use of veneer peeler:

 1.When the veneer peeler sets the minimum remaining wood section to be processed,the minimum setting value cannot be less than 30mm,otherwise it is easy to cause machine failure.

 2.When setting the parking point,the upper limit of the set value cannot exceed the maximum stroke of the equipment,and the lower limit cannot be less than the set value of the remaining amount of processing,otherwise the machine cannot work.

 3.The veneer peeler should be used within the scope of use specified in the technical characteristics.Some manufacturers use it to peel the plastic for the convenience of the drawing,which causes the peeled plastic to be seriously deformed,and it also damages the use of the veneer peeling machine,so don’t think about one machine for multiple purposes.

 4.After each use of the veneer peeler,remove the waste above and below it,so as not to cause the machine to jam,and also affect the peeling efficiency and the service life of the machine.
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 Through the understanding of the above content,we know that in order to reduce the failure of the veneer peeler,it is very important to master the principle of using the veneer peeler.If you want to know more about the veneer peeler,please continue to pay attention to us!

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