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Problems and solutions when using debarker

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 There are often some failures in the use of debarker.The more common problems are mainly:

 1.Whether the motor can run normally needs to check the power control line to ensure the normal operation of the debarker.When the debarker is plugged in,the indicator light is on,but the motor cannot be started.Solution:Pay attention to whether it is a phase loss of the power supply or a virtual connection of the main control line.Carefully service the power and control wires and the master abort button.

 2.The debarker automatically retracts the tool.If it can’t,the machine should be turned off and the repair line of the tool should be solved.Only in this way can the problem of tool retract be handled well.Regular maintenance and repair of the debarker can improve the work efficiency of the debarker.For the adaptation of debarker to wood,the relative modification of the diameter,length and shape of different tree species can make good use of wood material,and it is also the protection of debarker,if the travel switch and the retraction control circuit are disconnected.Solution:Replace the travel switch maintenance line.

 3.When the debarker is in use,the size of the slit can be adjusted according to your own needs,so as to remove the bark well,otherwise the bark will not be clean.The factor is that the knife is low and the knife seam is too small.Solution:Refer to the knife adjustment chart to adjust the knife height and knife seam.

 4.Whether the debarker motor can run normally or not,it is necessary to check the power control line to ensure the normal operation of the debarker.

 The above is a brief introduction to how to solve the failure of the debarker.To deal with some problems that may occur in the debarker,daily maintenance and proper rest will make the debarker more energetic to meet the daily work.

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