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Problems in the operation and use of the veneer peeling machine

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 If the single board peeling machine is used for a long time,some minor problems will often appear.If the problem is not too big,we can solve it by ourselves.Such as the replacement of the blade of the veneer peeling machine,the adjustment of the knife seam,and whether the various parts are fastened.

 After the blade of the veneer peeling machine is used for a period of time,the wear of its blade will seriously affect the quality of the board.The blade needs to be disassembled and sharpened with a surface sharpener.All sliding and rotating parts of the veneer peeling machine should be kept lubricated at all times,and the grease nozzles should be filled with grease regularly!

 After using the new veneer peeling machine for several days,you should check the dovetail gap and adjust the gap in time.When adjusting,loosen the dovetail fixing bolts first,and turn the dovetail adjusting bolts inward to the proper clearance before tightening the dovetail fixing bolts!

 We also need to check the tightening of the bolts of the various ministries and commissions of the veneer peeling machine frequently,and tighten them in time to ensure the quality of the board and prolong the service life of the machine.

 If the veneer from the veneer is wavy:

 This situation is generally caused by the excessive resistance of the knife.Solution:Check whether the output current of the inverter is greater than 5A during idling.If the current exceeds 5A,the machine needs to be adjusted,and check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large.

 If the unscrewed veneer is rolled:

 This situation is generally mainly caused by the knife door being too narrow or the knife holder being too high.The solution is very simple.Loosen the ram screws and adjusting screws at both ends,widen the knife door,lower the height of the knife,and then tighten the screws.This can solve the problem of veneer rolling.

 If the thickness of the unscrewed veneer is uneven:

 It is mainly due to the damage of the encoder or electronic ruler for distance measurement or speed measurement.Solution:Adjust the fast forward frequency to 2Hz and observe whether the diameter change of the log is continuous.If there is a pause,it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced.If the speed of the roller is inconsistent with the actual speed,you need to replace the speed encoder.

 Regular maintenance of the veneer peeling machine can keep the equipment in good condition and work at any time.The scope of maintenance is to reduce the load,pay attention to inspection,and strengthen lubrication,which will definitely extend the life of the veneer peeling machine and improve work efficiency.

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