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Problems in the sales of woodworking CNC veneer peeling machines

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 As an upstream supplier of various wooden home furnishing industries,woodworking machinery(such as CNC veneer peeling machines)has risen across the country.According to relevant statistics,there are currently more than 1,000 companies engaged in woodworking machinery production in my country,with 69 types of products and nearly 10,000 varieties sold to domestic and foreign markets.The total sales output and scale are among the best in the world.
Problems in the sales of woodworking CNC veneer peeling machines
 Although the sales volume is good,there are still many shortcomings.Many of our country’s woodworking machinery companies are engaged in the production of various equipment and have no core,but when the market develops to a certain extent,it will naturally be divided and divided.This is similar to other industries:Production,sales,and research and development are independent of each other,with detailed division of labor,and each link is coordinated and connected.Each company does what it is most professional and good at.Practice has proved that the more complex the products of an enterprise and the more types,the easier it is to lose direction.Such an enterprise cannot do well or grow bigger.When our woodworking machinery companies have made their goals clear,it marks success.Relevant people believe that the division of labor in the woodworking machinery industry will become more and more detailed in the future,and it is not just a question of how companies use sales.

 I think the most important thing in selling products is to accurately grasp the market positioning.Product positioning and market positioning,one wrong step will lead to wrong steps.The clear product positioning also reflects your own technical expertise.You must be professional and proficient in penetration and become an expert in certain types of equipment to become a brand.A clear market positioning is communication.Give customers a concept:We are a supplier who specializes in producing this equipment,so that it has a clear purchase goal.Every company has product positioning and market positioning.If the positioning is not clear,even if the company does a good job,it is difficult for customers to recognize it.Otherwise,it will give customers a fixed impression,and customers have a high degree of recognition of the company,which is conducive to sales.
CNC veneer peeling machines
 For example,Shandong Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory is a backbone enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of wood processing machinery such as veneer peeling machines,CNC veneer peeling machines,and CNC veneer peeling machines.Not bad.

 The product positioning is not clear,the market positioning is not clear,the final result is that there is no core concept,no brand image,and customers are lost.So market positioning is critical.

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