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Problems in the use of the veneer peeling machine

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 With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people’s needs,some industrial products have gradually become familiar to people.Various machinery of veneer peeling machine manufacturers are often used in the production of various industries.So today we will take a look at the problems frequently encountered in the production of veneer peeling machines!
Problems in the use of the veneer peeling machine
 The veneer rolling problem is a situation that is often encountered.This situation is generally caused by too narrow knife door or too high knife holder;sometimes there will also be uneven veneer thickness,this situation is mainly The reason is that the distance measuring or speed measuring encoder part is damaged;too much resistance of the knife will easily cause the cut veneer to be wavy.

 Veneer peeling machine manufacturers often encounter several sheet quality problems during the production process.The unqualified sheet quality will directly affect the normal operation of the machine,otherwise it will consume the machine.

 If the power indicator light is on and the motor cannot start,it is because the power supply lacks phase or the main control line is dashed.The solution is to repair the power supply and control line and the main stop button.If the veneer peeling machine automatically feeds in during the peeling,and stops at all times,it is due to the virtual connection of the feed circuit or the slippage of the electromagnetic clutch,and the peeling knife is too high.The solution to this is to check whether the feed line is virtual.Connect;Use gasoline or diesel to clean the clutch plate and adjust the knife height.If the board is thick in the front and thin in the back,it is because the knife is low or the knife seam is too small,you need to refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam.
veneer peeling machine
 If the board skin cannot be connected,the reason is that the height of the rotary cutter is inconsistent,and the knife seam does not fit well with the knife feed wheel.The solution is to adjust the knife height of the veneer peeler,the knife seam and the knife feed wheel,and replace the wood.

 Veneer peeling machine is regularly inspected.To maintain stable and safe performance of the equipment,check whether the control buttons are working properly;whether the V-belt or chain of the single and double roller drive motor is worn or slack,and adjust and replace it in time.Pay more attention to the maintenance of the veneer peeling machine,and timely check whether there are damaged parts and replace them in time to prevent major problems.Lubricating the parts of the veneer peeler in time to prevent rust is very important for the maintenance of the appearance.Don’t wait until the veneer peeler machine is broken and then repair it.The usual detailed maintenance can reduce the occurrence of problems and prevent you from wasting more time to repair the machine and affecting normal production.

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