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Reasonable operation and maintenance of CNC veneer peeling machine

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 There are more and more people engaged in wood processing.The CNC veneer peeling machine is the best helper for wood processing,which not only saves costs,but also improves production efficiency.The CNC veneer peeling machine is completely computer-controlled,which can effectively reduce the diameter of wood peeling to the minimum.The wood board processed by the CNC veneer peeling integrated machine has uniform thickness and smooth surface;the structure of the machine is relatively simple,and the operation and maintenance are very convenient.It really brings benefits to people,as long as we pay attention to some problems when we use it.Reasonable use and maintenance of the machine can extend the service life of the CNC veneer peeling machine.
Reasonable operation and maintenance of CNC veneer peeling machine
 First of all,the operator of the CNC veneer peeling machine must be trained on the knowledge of the CNC veneer peeling machine and safe operation training before taking the job.Only after passing the examination can the machine operate the machine.Before starting the machine,carefully check whether all parts of the machine are in good condition.Whether each lubrication is sufficient.Adjust the parameters of the CNC veneer peeling machine and confirm that it is correct before it can be started up and run.Do not adjust the mechanical parameters during the operation of the equipment.When the machine is running,carefully observe the running state of the machine.If any abnormality is found,stop the machine for inspection.When the CNC veneer peeling machine is running,the load cannot be disconnected.After the rotary cutting is completed,the machine cannot be unloaded immediately,and the operation can only be performed after the machine is completely stopped.
veneer peeling machine
 Maintenance is very important for the CNC veneer peeling machine.Good maintenance can promote the normal operation of our machinery.Only by doing a good job in maintenance can we work better,so how can we do a good job in the CNC sheet?How about the maintenance of the board peeling machine?First of all,when using the peeler and leather integrated machine in daily use,you need to carry out formal operations on it.Only by taking regular operations can the damage to the peeler and leather integrated machine can be reduced.For example:the travel switch and the retract control circuit are open.Replace the travel switch and overhaul the circuit.When the tool is automatically retracted,the stroke switch will not stop after hitting,the main stop button will not work,and the retracting contact point will not be sintered.The method is to sharpen the knife again and adjust the blade edge.

 Only reasonable use of CNC veneer peeling can bring us more economic benefits.

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