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Relevant knowledge of wood veneer peeling machine

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 Wood veneer peeling machine,as the name suggests,is a special mechanical equipment for peeling wood.It belongs to wood processing machinery in forestry machinery.It is one of the necessary mechanical equipment in the wood processing industry.It is usually processed after the wood is felled.In the first process,the configuration and production capacity of the equipment largely determines the overall production capacity of the wood processing enterprise.

 Wood veneer peeling machines can be divided into four categories according to the working principle:ring-type wood veneer peeling machine,drum wood veneer peeling machine,trough-type wood veneer peeling machine and milling cutter type veneer peeling machine.


 1.There should be no iron,stone and other sundries in the material with guillotine;

 2.When working,properly adjust the amount of material fed,too much will easily cause overload and stop,and too little will affect the cutting efficiency;

 3.If there is a blockage during work,it is not allowed to forcibly feed it with hands or iron rods,and it should be shut down immediately to clear it;

 4.During work,if an abnormality is found or an abnormal sound is heard,the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately,the power supply must be cut off before the inspection,and it is forbidden to troubleshoot while the machine is running;

 5.When you stop working,let the machine run idling for two minutes,blow off the dust and weeds in the machine,and then shut it down.

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