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Replacement of sprocket gear of shaftless veneer peeling machine

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 The shaftless veneer peeling machine should be operated by a dedicated person.Unqualified personnel are not allowed to use the equipment!

 The operator must ensure that all protection and safety devices are complete and in a normal state!

 In order to enable the operator to obtain the knowledge that must be known to operate the equipment,in the presence of professionals,the empty machine performs various manual operations.
Replacement of sprocket gear of shaftless veneer peeling machine
 The veneer peeling machine has been equipped with changing sprockets within a certain range before leaving the factory.When the thickness of the veneer peeling exceeds the range set before leaving the factory,you must select the appropriate one according to the thickness and the conversion gear comparison table and the change gear table Change gears.Change gear A replacement method:Loosen bolt B by hand,lightly hit gear A with a hammer,then install the selected gear again,and fix it with end cover spring washers and bolts.When replacing sprocket C,the operation is the same as changing gears.

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