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Safety is important when operating the debarker

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 With the rapid development of industrial economy,various enterprises have accelerated the pace of production.In order to obtain better economic benefits,many enterprises have neglected safety operations,but safety work is very important to us.The debarker needs our correct and standardized operation.
Safety is important when operating the debarker
 Before starting the debarker,we must ensure that all parts of the machine are in good condition and check whether the parts are loose.Of course,the operation of the debarker requires professional personnel to operate,and the user must undergo strict training and safety knowledge training.Responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment,and operate in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures.During the working process of the debarker,it is strictly forbidden to avoid illegal operations,do not work fatigue and work after drinking.The operator must concentrate and not half-hearted,And must wear work clothes to avoid safety accidents.Some workers slack off their work or fail to follow the procedures,causing unnecessary accidents.The debarker should start the formal work after the machine is turned on for 1-2 minutes to confirm the correct operation of the machine.The debarker needs us to take care of it so that our production can proceed smoothly.When we encounter a machine failure,we must not repair it during the work of the machine,we must stop continuing the operation,turn off the equipment and notify immediately Responsible personnel,and contact the equipment management personnel for maintenance.

 After the debarker is used,the power must be cut off in time.In the maintenance of the equipment,the waste wood must be cleaned up in time.Do not use hard tools to clean up.You must use soft tools to clean up the garbage on the equipment,so as to protect the equipment.The surface layer,prolong the life of use.
 "Safety production is everyone’s responsibility".Safety knowledge has always been a concept deep in our minds.Only by keeping in mind safety knowledge is the best responsibility for us and others.

 In summary,the use steps of the debarker are very important.We must strictly follow the use specifications.No matter which industry you are in,you must keep in mind the importance of safety knowledge.Only safe operations can protect our personal safety.To achieve the greatest benefit,we hope that our debarker will get better and better on the road of future development.

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