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Safety specification for the use of veneer peeling machine

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 The safety rules of the veneer peeling machine are as follows:

 1.Since this machine is a microcomputer numerical control device,non-operators or non-professionals should not arbitrarily set or modify technical parameters,let alone dismantle it at will to avoid machine failure or personal safety.
Safety specification for the use of veneer peeling machine
 2.The operation of this machine must be undertaken by personnel who have been trained,in good health,adapted to the secondary tasks and able to complete the work reliably.

 3.Personnel who drink alcohol,take drugs or similar conditions are not allowed to operate,maintain and repair the veneer peeling machine.

 4.Before starting the machine,the operator should check whether all safety facilities are working properly and check whether the machine has obvious defects.

 5.If the machine has any defects,especially related to safety regulations,the operator should immediately report to the leader or notify the maintenance personnel.

 6.If the machine has a problem that endangers its safe operation,it must immediately stop operation,disconnect the power supply,and show a warning sign on the veneer peeling machine.

 7.When performing maintenance or other work on the machine,tell all the personnel involved.

 8.The veneer peeling machine can only be used for the purpose designed.

 9.The technical improvement of the veneer peeling machine will affect the operation and safety of the equipment.It must be carried out by the personnel of the manufacturer or a person authorized by the manufacturer,otherwise the manufacturer will not be responsible for the loss caused by the modification.
veneer peeling machine
 10.If the normal operation of the safety device cannot be guaranteed during the installation,maintenance or repair process,it must be carried out by a professionally licensed person,who must guarantee to prevent personal injury and equipment damage.

 11.In order to prevent accidents,the metal shell of this control cabinet should be well grounded separately and not shared with other grounding wires of the equipment.In order to minimize the influence of electromagnetic interference,it is best to connect the metal shell of the motor to the ground separately.

 12.In order to prevent accidental damage to the displacement sensor cable,the linear sensor should be checked regularly to prevent oil,water,moisture,and dust.

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