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Safety specifications before and during operation of the veneer peeling machine

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 1.Please do not run the veneer peeling machine with disease,indicator light and control element failure.

 2.Before starting the machine,make sure that all parts are installed correctly,no parts are damaged,and the functions of the operation buttons are clearly understood.All other objects(cloths,tools,etc.)that are not related to the machine should be removed from the machine.
Safety specifications before and during operation of the veneer peeler
 3.When the voltage is 15%higher than the nominal voltage,do not power on the veneer peeler.Otherwise,electrical components will be damaged.

 4.After the veneer peeler is powered on,the electric control box components are dangerous.Non-professionals should not touch it to avoid the risk of electric shock.

 5.When peeling wood,stop the host first,and allow it to start after putting in the logs.

 6.During the rotation of the veneer peeler,it is not allowed to use maintenance tools and cleaning utensils for related operations,and it is not allowed to reach out to the machine casually.

 7.During the rotary cutting process,all rotating parts are not allowed to be touched by hand,and non-operators are forbidden to approach it.

 8.When lubricating the veneer peeler,do not directly touch the veneer peeler with your hands.

 9.At the end of the wood peeling,use small wooden shafts or other objects to knock off the remaining wooden shafts.Do not touch the wooden shafts with your hands.

 10.The operation of the veneer peeler should be handled by a dedicated person,and other personnel should not do it to avoid the danger of operating errors.Operators must work on a stable,well-balanced ground.The working place of the veneer peeler must be well illuminated.

 11.When the wood diameter detection window no longer changes dynamically,check and repair the detection device(sensor)

 12.Without permission,it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair the vector inverter without permission,and do not touch the electrical appliances and main control circuit board of the electric control cabinet with your hands.Otherwise,it is easy to damage the electronic components on the circuit board due to static electricity,or cause personal safety due to electric shock.

 13.It is not allowed to change the technical parameter setting content of the frequency converter without authorization,nor to change the relevant technical parameter setting content of the main control system.The fixed-point parking setting value of the main control system shall meet the technical requirements for use.
veneer peeling machine
 14.The metal casing of the device should be connected to the ground firmly and well separately.

 15.Don’t let the veneer peeler run unattended.

 16.When the veneer peeling machine is running,pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound.If an abnormality is found,the machine should be stopped immediately and the power supply should be cut off.The cause of the fault must be found and eliminated before the test can be powered on.

 17.If abnormal operation is found,the person in charge of maintenance shall be notified in time.All maintenance and repair work must be performed in accordance with the requirements in this instruction manual.

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