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Seven characteristics of jinlun debarker

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 Seven characteristics of the jinlun debarker:

Seven characteristics of jinlun debarker
 (1)Increase the diameter of the single and double rollers to increase the speed of peeling.

 (2)The surface of single and double rollers is plated with chrome to improve the wear resistance of the rollers.After many experiments and theoretical combinations,the surface of the roller adopts Pythagorean linear grooves,which makes the veneer difficult to wrap around the roller and improves the production efficiency.

 (3)After mechanical tests,the power is reasonably configured to save users unnecessary power waste and production costs.

 (4)Reasonable and precise coordination of each transmission part to ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.

 (5)The biggest feature is that it adopts hydraulic feeding mechanism,which can advance and retract quickly,and the feeding pressure can be adjusted and displayed,which is suitable for peeling and rounding of different woods.
jinlun debarker
 (6)The hydraulic power station is configured scientifically and reasonably,and adopts manual self-resetting reversing valve,which has rapid response,simple operation and convenient maintenance,and does not require high technical requirements for operators.

 (7)The technical requirements for workers are not high.One jinlun debarker can supply 2 rotary cutting machines to work normally,which can save the original manual peeling and rounding procedures,saving 5-6 manpower.

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