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Six advanced features of CNC veneer peeling machine

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 Six advanced features of CNC veneer peeling machine:

Six advanced features of CNC veneer peeling machine
 1.Equipment processing is highly automated,which reduces auxiliary processing time and improves production efficiency.

 2.The operation panel has powerful display functions,simple operation,manual and automatic selection at will.

 3.The thickness of the peeled veneer is from 0.25 mm to 5mm,and the diameter of the peeled wood core isΦ27mm~Φ400.

 4.The CNC veneer peeling machine system automatically changes and accelerates the feed according to the set cutting thickness and the automatically detected outer diameter of the log to ensure the processing quality of the veneer.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 5.It is suitable for the core board of small diameter wood and wood-core peeling plywood.It can automatically spin and cut,and it is fast.It saves 2-3 labor.The size of the veneer can be set and changed at will,fully automated production.

 6.The CNC veneer peeling machine adopts modern advanced microelectronics technology and is controlled by a microcomputer.Users can set the thickness of the veneer according to their needs.It is more convenient and convenient.It has advanced application performance,stable quality,reliable and energy-saving,and simple operation and maintenance.

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