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Small problems when using shaftless veneer peeling machine

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 Shaftless veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood.Many board manufacturers are using this equipment,and most users agree with it,and the reflection effect is quite good.Shaftless veneer peeling machine Good equipment that saves money and trouble,only for the sake of customers
Small problems when using shaftless veneer peeling machine
 When operating the shaftless veneer peeling machine,you need to always pay attention to your own safety,carefully study the operating knowledge,and ensure that the operating process is correct.The working principle of the shaftless veneer peeling machine is to complete the peeling purpose through wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of the knife table.Then,during the peeling process,the speed of the single and double rollers is constant.The wood is reduced with the diameter of the wood,and the knife table is fed.Feedback to the frequency converter through the displacement sensor,the frequency converter outputs the corresponding Hertz to speed up the motor,and further accelerate the speed of the screw to make the tool table advance quickly to complete the final cutting.

 Shaftless veneer peeling machine will often show some minor problems after using it for a long time.If the problem is not too big,we can solve it by ourselves.After the blade of the shaftless veneer peeling machine is used for a period of time,the wear of its cutting edge will seriously affect the quality of the board.The blade needs to be disassembled and sharpened with a surface sharpener.All sliding and rotating parts of the shaftless veneer peeler must be kept lubricated at all times,and the grease nozzles are filled with grease regularly!After using the new shaftless veneer peeling machine for several days,you should check the dovetail clearance and adjust the clearance in time.When adjusting,loosen the dovetail fixing bolts slightly,and turn the dovetail adjusting bolts inward to the proper clearance before tightening the dovetail fixing bolts!We also need to check the tightening of the bolts of the various ministries and commissions of the shaftless veneer peeling machine frequently,and tighten them in time to ensure the quality of the board and prolong the service life of the machine.
veneer peeling machine
 Shaftless veneer peeling machine sometimes chooses to cut out the boards with uneven thickness.The knife is not sharp and the height of the knife is wrong.When installing the knife on the rotary cutting machine,first install the center of the double roll and add the thickness of the board.When the installation is high,the tail piece reel becomes wavy,and when the installation is low,the wood core jumps into a square,and the piece becomes a strip.The width of the knife slit is wrong,the plate is not even when it is wide,the tail is thick,and the water pressure is narrow,the machine is worn out,and the tail is thin.The knife is not sharp.Generally,it is changed every two to three days.When the machine starts to start,the oil must be pumped.The screw is twice a day,the bearing is once a week,and the oil of the gearbox is changed in three to five months.In addition,the machine design is unreasonable and can easily break if it deforms.The peeled plate is fan-shaped.First check whether the size of the two ends of the wooden core is the same,and the size of the wooden core is different:whether the height of the measuring knife is the same,and whether the distance between the single roll and the double roll is the same.The wood core is about the same size:the slit width of the knife is inconsistent,and the drum is not balanced(that is,the wood core runs to the side).These problems are related to the rotary cutter.Try to adjust the height of the knife.Generally,it is caused by the improper setting of the knife.

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