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System composition of flexible CNC veneer peeling machine

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 In order to overcome the shortcomings of mechanical veneer peeling machine such as low control accuracy and serious waste of raw materials,the research of flexible CNC veneer peeling machine system was carried out.This system applies the motion control card to the control system of the veneer peeling machine for the first time.It not only simplifies the structure of the veneer peeler,but also has accurate cutting and stable movement.The diameter of the wood core is reduced to about 15 strokes,which is greatly improved.The peeling quality of veneer and the utilization rate of wood are improved.

 Veneer peeling machine is a key equipment in the production of plywood,which largely determines the quality of veneer and plywood.Most of the current veneer peeling machines in our country use mechanical control,which is not only bulky and low in control accuracy,but also has a narrow processing range and serious waste of raw materials.The flexible numerical control processing technology that integrates microelectronics technology,computer technology and mechanical technology is applied to the veneer peeling machine.The flexible numerical control peeling system developed by the company has simple equipment structure and high control accuracy,and can also expand the processing range.Improve the utilization rate of raw materials.
System composition of flexible CNC veneer peeling machine

 The composition of the flexible CNC veneer peeling machine system

 The processing parameters formulated by the flexible CNC veneer peeling machine system according to the quality requirements are transmitted to the CNC system composed of the motion control card and corresponding software through the input device.The CNC system controls the automatic veneer peeling machine according to the information feedback from the machine tool.Centering device,feed servo system,chuck axis conversion system,cutter head swing system and spindle rotation,etc.
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 The main components of the CNC veneer peeling machine system

 The motion controller used in the system is the GE series GE400-SE-PCI motion controller produced by Gogo Corporation.Its core is composed of a digital signal processor(DSP)and a field programmable logic gate array(FPGA),which can realize multi-axis Coordinate movement and high-speed point movement,so as to realize the control calculation of high performance.

 The above is about how the flexible CNC veneer peeling machine system is composed.I hope it will be helpful to everyone.If you want to know about the requirements of the operator for the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine,please feel free to call for consultation Our customer service phone!

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