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Technical characteristics of spindle veneer peeling machine

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 Today,I have a small editor to tell you about the characteristics of the spindle veneer peeling machine technology.I hope it will be helpful to you.We know that the main machine for producing plywood(three plywood)is a veneer peeler,and the veneer peeler is divided into spindle and shaftless.The main shaft is more suitable for large diameter wood,and the shaftless is suitable for small diameter wood.Spindle veneer peeling machine is one of the more commonly used ones.Let’s introduce the technical characteristics of it and see what kind of function it has become the main machine for producing plywood.
Technical characteristics of spindle veneer peeling machine
 At present,most of the veneer peeling machines sold in the market are spindle veneer peeling machines,which use a chuck shaft to insert the wood to fix the wooden body;by peeling the wooden body,the log is peeled from the outside to the inside into thin slices.The chuck shaft is used to fix the wooden body and perform peeling and cutting,so the part where the chuck shaft is inserted into the wooden body cannot be peeled off.Because the diameter of the chuck shaft is relatively large,there are a lot of wood that cannot be peeled,and the wood waste caused by the veneer peeler Very serious,it will waste wood resources and increase the cost of the product.According to the investigation,the peeling length of the general veneer peeling machine is 0.8MM-2.6MM,and the diameter of the wood core that cannot be peeled is 70MM-300MM.

 This device uses modern microelectronics technology and is controlled by a microcomputer.Customers can choose to set the thickness of the veneer according to their needs,and it is more convenient to adjust.

 Moreover,the system can automatically change and accelerate the feed according to the set cutting thickness and the automatically detected outer diameter of the log,which can effectively ensure the processing quality of the veneer.At the same time,it also has a high degree of automation in equipment processing,which can reduce auxiliary processing time and improve production efficiency.This is a good choice for some manufacturers pursuing efficiency,because this machine is highly efficient and the quality of the products produced is guaranteed.It is worth mentioning that another major advantage of this equipment is that its operation panel display function is very powerful,which will reduce the difficulty of use,make it easy and convenient for workers to operate,and the machine can be switched manually and automatically.I have to say this is A kind of human development.
veneer peeling machine
 The above content is about the technical characteristics of the spindle veneer peeling machine.Compared with other machines,our model has more functions and is more user-friendly,which is easy for operators to use.I believe that with continuous research,this machine will become more and more perfect.Friends who want to know more about the spindle veneer peeling machine,can continue to pay attention to us!

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