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Technical requirements for installation of Veneer peeling machine

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 As a wood industry machine,the veneer peeling machine is an indispensable machine for many board factories.Its accuracy is very high,the thickness of the veneer is very small,and the allowable error can only be 0.03-土0.15.Mm,in order to ensure the installation quality of the Veneer peeling machine,the following technical requirements must be met.Let’s take a closer look at the editor of Jinlun Machinery!
Technical requirements for installation of Veneer peeling machine
 What are the technical requirements for the installation of the Veneer peeling machine!

 First,the misalignment of the center lines of the two main shafts does not exceed 0.2 mm.

 Second,the radial runout of the clamping shaft is not more than 0.1 mm.

 Third,the working surface of the pressure ruler frame should be parallel to the centerline of the spindle,with an allowable error of 0.15 mm.

 Fourth,all limit stops are fixed during installation to ensure accurate stop positions.

 Fifth,the two guide rails of the tool post should be parallel to each other,and the deviation should not exceed 0.04 mm per meter length of the guide rail.

 Sixth,the centerline of the spindle should be parallel to the working surface of the guide rail,and the deviation should not be greater than 0.15 mm.

 Seventh,the positioning pin holes can be drilled only after the left and right card axle boxes and base are assembled and meet the above-mentioned relevant conditions.

 Eighth,after the center frame is assembled,its center is required to be concentric with the spindle center line,and the allowable error is 0.2 mm.
Veneer peeling machine
 Ninth,the tool post guide rail is required to be a horizontal plane in the vertical and horizontal directions,and its deviation is not more than 0.03 mm per meter length.

 In summary,the technical requirements that we should pay attention to when installing the veneer peeling machine.When we install,the requirements described above must be met.Otherwise,the installation may fail.If you want to know about other problems of the veneer peeling machine,please click to view related articles!

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