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The correct use of veneer peeling machine and how to maintain it

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 Surely everyone is familiar with the veneer peeling machine.Its appearance has greatly reduced the labor force and saved the cost,and it has been widely used.Customers who purchase a veneer peeling machine must do a good job of daily maintenance in the subsequent use process to improve production efficiency and extend the service life of the machine.The following Jinlun editor will teach you the correct use and maintenance of the veneer peeler.
The correct use of veneer peeling machine and how to maintain it

 Golden Wheel teaches you the correct use and maintenance of the veneer peeler!

 It is necessary to ensure that the wood veneer peeling machine does not wipe,lubricate or maintain the equipment during operation to avoid danger.Before starting,check whether the machine parts are normal and whether there are damaged parts.If there is any damage,Replace it in time before it can be used normally.After the wood peeling is completed,the wooden shaft should be removed,but it can not be taken by hand,it should be removed with a wooden stick.The maintenance of the equipment must have a good habit,small maintenance every day,regular maintenance once,so as to ensure the efficiency of the machine.
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 How to use the veneer peeling machine

 1.To operate the veneer peeler,a professional must be present to perform the corresponding work.
 2.The surface of the equipment and the tools inside the equipment,as well as the accessories and items that are not part of the equipment,should be cleaned.
 3.Do not touch the accessories of the equipment when the equipment is operating,and clean up the corresponding accessories or resources on it in time when the equipment stops running.
 4.When the equipment is running,any oil or grease dripping on the ground must be removed immediately,and environmental protection treatment should be carried out by appropriate methods.
 5.The deployment,maintenance and repair work of the veneer peeler will be completed by professionals.
 6.After the equipment finishes the operation,confirm the power off even if the corresponding problem is found.
veneer peeling machine
 In summary,if we want to make the veneer peeler work more efficiently,then we must first learn how to use it.Wrong use will reduce the service life of the veneer peeler.In addition,It is the daily maintenance work to increase work efficiency and service life.Hope the above content is helpful to everyone.If you want to know about the price of the veneer peeler,please feel free to call our customer service hotline!

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