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The difference between spindle and shaftless veneer peeler

   Spindle veneer peeling machine is a traditional machine originally invented. The spindle core in the machine, if the core is smaller than a certain diameter, then the veneer peeling machine cannot rotate, but we often have to cut wood with a smaller diameter. , This kind of spindle veneer peeling machine has great limitations. Moreover, this veneer peeling machine often has the phenomenon of jumping blades, resulting in a large thickness of the board and a low utilization rate of the wood. In order to save wood and improve the utilization rate, the shaftless veneer peeling machine was invented, which can cut small-diameter logs into veneers. The utilization rate of wood is greatly improved. The cutting system is very flexible, which further improves the degree of automation.
The difference between spindle and shaftless veneer peeler
 First of all, the spindle veneer peeling machine is suitable for large diameter wood, and shaftless is used for small diameter wood. The spindle refers to the way that the veneer peeler fixes the wood by using two chucks to clamp the two ends of the wood. The cross section makes the wood rotate without a shaft. The veneer peeler does not have a chuck, and the way it makes the wood rotate depends on three The squeezing roll rotates at the same time to squeeze the wood to meet the work requirements.

 How to distinguish between spindle and shaftless veneer peeler

   Spindle veneer peeling machine is a veneer peeling machine that is stuck on both ends of the wood with chucks and then peeled off. The diameter of the chuck of the veneer peeler is generally about 100mm, which will cause the wood to be within 100mm. The core cannot be effectively used. Now that the wood resources are becoming increasingly scarce, these wood cores are very impressive. A kind of veneer peeler without spindle head that peels off the remaining wood core-shaftless veneer peeler came into being. The shaftless veneer peeler is mainly used for peeling small diameter wood or spindle veneer peeler The remaining wood core. The advantage of this veneer peeler is its high utilization rate of wood. However, compared with the spindle veneer peeling machine, there are many shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of veneer peeling machine is that the accuracy is poor and the failure rate is higher.

 The shaftless veneer peeling machine can not only peel the remaining wood core stripped by the chuck-axis veneer peeler into veneers, but also peel small-diameter wood into veneers, which improves the utilization rate of wood. The shaftless veneer peeling machine system is more flexible, and the degree of automation is further improved. It can accurately control the moving speed of the peeling knife to control the thickness of the peeled sheet. The system is simple to operate and the peeled veneer flows smoothly and the peeling accuracy is high.
veneer peeling
 What are the advantages of spindle and shaftless veneer peeling machines

 As for which one to choose, this needs to be analyzed in detail according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, if it is normally around 20, it can be used without shafts, and it depends on the shape of the wood, the purpose of the board, and the quality requirements. If the wood is larger, the outer circle should be peeled off with a spindle machine. It can be rotated to the small chuck shaft once and then put down to use it without shaft. In short, it is necessary for the spindle without shaft.

   To sum up, the shaftless veneer peeler has the advantages that the spindle veneer peeler cannot compare. The system is simple to operate, the peeled wood flows smoothly, the precision is high, the utilization rate of the wood is improved, and the cost is saved.

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