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The function of the log centering device of the veneer peeling

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 Everyone knows that veneer stripping is a kind of wood production machinery.In fact,when the peeling machine was first developed,it was not as perfect as it is now,so convenient and convenient.Because it is very inconvenient to use,the R&D staff produced a This kind of log centering device is a kind of log centering device for cardless veneer peeling with novel structure,convenient use,automatic detection and positioning,centering,high positioning accuracy and high production efficiency.
The function of the log centering device of the veneer peeling
 Veneer stripping is generally large in size and complicated in structure.Logs need to be centered before going on the machine.If the centering is not correct,intermittent veneer strips or narrow veneers will be unscrewed when the peeling starts.The more broken veneers or narrow veneers,the more sapwood veneers of good quality are lost,which is not conducive to the continuity of production.Logs have curved,irregular cross-sections,and large and small heads(sharpness)at both ends,etc.,which can easily cause the unscrewed veneers to be broken veneers and waste wood.And when the log diameter is reduced to a certain extent,the peeling cannot be continued(that is,the remaining wood core causes wood waste).

 At present,the centering device used for veneer peeling is composed of a base,a left column,a right column,a beam,a V-shaped pallet device,a halo centering machine and an oil cylinder.The V-shaped pallet device includes a bracket,a slide rail bracket and a V One end of the slide rail bracket is connected with the slide rail of the bracket through the slide rail,and the other end is fixedly connected with the V-shaped plate.The lower ends of the left and right columns are fixedly connected with the base,and the upper ends are respectively fixedly connected with the two ends of the beam.Correspondingly provided with centering claws,the left and right columns are respectively provided with oil cylinders on the corresponding inner sides,one end of the oil cylinder is fixedly connected with the column,and the other end is fixedly connected with the bracket.The halo centering machine is respectively arranged on one side of the left column and the right column.
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 When the log is transported to the V-shaped board via the feeding rack,the control system is manually operated and the oil cylinder moves to drive the V-shaped pallet device to move upward,and move laterally on the bracket through the slide rail bracket,and use the halo centering machine to adjust and locate the log.After the wood is centered,the two ends of the log are clamped and positioned by the claws at both ends of the beam.The disadvantage is manual operation,which extends the operation time,reduces production efficiency,and has low positioning accuracy and low automation.

 The above is about why the log centering device is needed for veneer peeling?What does it do?I hope to help everyone.Here I want to tell you that the log centering device can be used for peeling off the veneer.If you want to know about other issues about the veneer peeler,please click to view the content of the related article!

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