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The importance of knife adjustment and installation of veneer peeling machine

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 Jinlun brand veneer peeling machine is now a good helper for plate manufacturers,improving the efficiency of plate stripping,saving manpower and material resources,and improving the economic benefits of manufacturers.The veneer peeling machine is mainly composed of main drive,feed screw,feed screw,passive roller,knife bed and knife bed displacement sensor.After purchasing the veneer peeling machine,we carefully check its components for damage.
The importance of knife adjustment and installation of veneer peeling machine

 Jinlun Machinery will explain to you the importance of knife adjustment and installation of the veneer peeler!

 After inspection,you can debug the veneer peeler knife for use.The adjustment of the veneer peeler blade is related to the thickness of the peeled veneer.Improper installation of the blade can easily lead to uneven thickness of the peeler and breakage.The occurrence of the phenomenon of peeling,such a waste of a large number of plates and costs.Therefore,the blade debugging of this veneer peeler is especially important.Mainly consider from the following aspects:

 1.The height of the blade of the veneer peeler is 0-1mm higher than the center of the wood.If there is vibration during peeling,it is because the knife is installed too low.At this time,we adjust the blade to no vibration.

 2.If the peeling resistance is too large or the skin is broken,it is because the blade is installed too high,and it can be adjusted to a suitable level.

 3.When installing,take the centerline height of the chuck shaft as a reference.Rotate the bolt to first set the height of the knives on both sides,and then position the middle height.Make the blade of the blade and the center of the chuck shaft of the machine on the same horizontal line,and then tighten the nut it is good.
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 Golden Wheel Veneer Peeling Machine

 The above is the important content of the adjustment and installation of the veneer peeling machine explained by Jinlun Machinery.I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to read it.Of course,those who want to know about the price of the golden wheel veneer peeling machine,please feel free to call our customer service hotline!

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