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The life of the veneer peeling machine

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 How long can a single board peeling machine last?Generally speaking,there is no problem for about ten years.However,some machines of the same style and quality can run for 10 years,and some can run for 13 years.This has a lot to do with the daily maintenance of the operator.Now let’s take a look at how to use the veneer peeling machine for longer.

 The small daily details will have a great impact on the machine.It is like a person who eats regularly and pays attention to healthy eating,then the person’s stomach and body will be healthier.The same is true for the veneer peeling machine.Developing good maintenance habits is equivalent to developing good habits for the machine.Regarding the maintenance of the veneer peeling machine,the following points should be done in daily life:First,pay attention to the surrounding safety matters.The safety here refers to personal safety and machine safety.Since the veneer peeling machine uses high-voltage electricity,it is very dangerous for the operator if the operation is improper.Similarly,if the operator improperly manipulates the machine,it may cause damage to the machine.The second is the inspection before starting the machine.The operator should carefully check whether the connection lines of the machine are intact and whether the sequence of the connection lines is correct,so as to avoid short circuits that may cause fires and explosions.The third is the small items to be checked every day:such as whether the cooling fan is operating correctly,and whether the environmental cooling device can operate normally.

 In addition to the maintenance of the veneer peeling machine,there are some tips:timely check whether the digital display of the machine is normal,whether there is any sudden noise during operation,and the netting device should be cleaned and cleaned on time,and pay attention to dust.Damage to the machine.

 The abnormal noise of mechanical equipment during use cannot be ignored.This usually indicates where the equipment has a problem,(although this phenomenon rarely occurs during the use of the single board peeling machine.)

 Reason 1:Abnormal noise caused by irregular operation.The second reason is the abnormal noise caused by the blockage of the wood during the operation.If the residual wood chips are not cleaned up after use,the abnormal noise is likely to occur.

 Based on the above content,it can be seen that the abnormal noise of the veneer peeling machine is generally caused by improper operation or improper cleaning and maintenance measures.Therefore,the daily maintenance of the machine is very important.

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