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The main factors of wear of veneer peeling machine

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 When the veneer peeling machine is working,the wood needs to be placed on the drive rod,the main motor drives the drive roller and the pressure roller to rotate the log,and the feed motor passes the transmission device to make the push wheel and the log stick closely.The encoder and the knife bed shift sensor control the tangential movement of the tool and the log.As the diameter of the log decreases,the knife bed shift sensor controls the feed of the tool to ensure that the veneer under the chips is evenly thin and thick.With the improvement of science and technology,digital control technology has also been applied to the production of veneer peeling machines.In recent years,CNC veneer peeling machines have appeared.The appearance of CNC veneer peeling machines has not only improved the quality and precision of production veneers,but also It also greatly improves the efficiency of consumption and the level of automation of parts.

 In the process of using the veneer peeling machine,it is found that wear is the most common phenomenon.There are many factors that affect the wear of a veneer peeler.Because the log is not round and the thickness is uneven,the rotary cutting is not continuous,and some broken veneers cannot be used;

 The clip head of the veneer peeling machine with a card is clamped to both ends of the wood segment,resulting in end loss,which causes the veneer peeling machine knife to become dull,the rotary cutting speed is reduced,and the quality of the board is also affected;

 Wood core loss,the waste generated by veneer peeling is broken veneer and wood core,which leads to waste of wood resources.

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